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Welcome to a world where grooming meets sophistication - our exclusive Beard Care Collection.

Explore the epitome of beard care with our Tri-Essence Sampler, a curated collection showcasing the best of our beard scrub range. This exclusive sampler includes 2oz versions of our three signature scrubs: the robust 'Drip', the alluring 'Grown & Sexy', and the distinguished 'Beard Gang'.

Each scrub is a unique blend of organic coffee grounds, sugar, and a symphony of all-natural essential butters and oils, ensuring your beard receives the ultimate care. The compact size of each scrub makes this sampler perfect for discovering your favorite scent or for grooming on the go.

Whether you're a connoisseur of fine grooming products or new to the world of specialized beard care, this sampler offers a perfect introduction to our luxurious and effective beard scrubs. Treat yourself or gift it to a fellow beard aficionado – this collection is a gateway to a superior grooming experience.


Crafted with love, our beard scrubs include an amazing blend of antioxidants like organic coffee, which reduces inflammation, redness, and tightens the skin beneath the beard.
Each scrub is a testament to our commitment to quality and natural care, ensuring a grooming experience that's both luxurious and beneficial for your skin and beard.


  • Sample: Drip Beard, Grown & Sexy Beard, & Beard Gang


net wt. 2oz / MADE IN THE USA

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